Red Flag Over Cooking Oil Mixed With Sewage Water (Video)

Consumers in Nairobi’s Central Business District (CBD) have been warned against purchasing discounted cooking oil from street vendors. A video circulating on social media featured a buyer who shared concerns about the safety and quality of these products.

The buyer recounted purchasing three 5-litre bottles of cooking oil for a total of Ksh2,800, thinking he had found a good deal. However, upon opening the bottles, he discovered they had been adulterated with sewage water. The vendors, enticing customers with discounts, had managed to convince him to make the purchase.


The incident highlights the presence of unethical sellers attempting to clear low-quality or expired cooking oil stocks by offering attractive discounts. Such promotions have become common marketing strategies, emphasizing the need for consumers to exercise caution and vigilance during their purchases.

This warning follows similar advisories by organizations like the Consumer Federation of Kenya (COFEK), which previously cautioned against buying adulterated fruits in supermarkets. COFEK encouraged consumers to obtain fruits and vegetables from reputable suppliers adhering to safety standards to ensure their well-being.

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