Prons and Cons of Using Milk Vending Machine

Recently, the milk business has transformed tremendously. With the technology advancement, people are now able to purchase milk straight from this machine.

Milk vending machine

Automated Vending Machines are jerking all over Kenya in most areas.The ATMs sell a variety of products from milk, cooking oil and water.

But, is it safe? How efficient is it?

Merchants prefer them because they are easy to use, maintain and uses low power electricity.

However, the emergence of ATMs is also helping agriculturalist boost their profits.The milk is delivered to the milk ATMs where the retailers sell the milk to buyers.

ATM Vending machine

“The advantages of this ATM machine is; one it is easy to maintain and it is very fast to serve customers. However, when you store milk behind it, it is ever (always) fresh so that the customer can drink directly. It comes from the farm and if it is the amount you can measure from as low as 10 shillings ($0.10).” explained Erick one of the vendors.

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Customers find ATM milk cheaper compared to other options.


The milk ATMs could pose a health risk because hygienic conditions of the containers in which it is collected, transported and sold. They don’t inevitably meet the standards laid out by the Kenya Dairy Board act.

Besides the amenity provided by the ATMs for farmers, merchants and customers, food safety needs to be examined.

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Milk vending machine

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