President Ruto Urges Foreigners to Try Wild Meat at Carnivore Gardens

President William Ruto invites tourists exploring Kenya to indulge their taste buds in the flavors of wild game meat at Carnivore Gardens, situated on the outskirts of Nairobi City.

The Head of State made this recommendation while responding to a question posed by the moderator during the Kauffman Fellows Africa Venture Capitalists Summit held in Nairobi on Monday. The query came from a foreign attendee seeking restaurant suggestions for summit delegates.

Ruto noted that Carnivore’s menu features a variety of game meats, including exotic options like crocodile and other wild animals.

“If you haven’t tried crocodile meat or any other game meat, you can visit Carnivore next to the national park,” remarked the President. He emphasized that all the offerings are properly licensed, reassuring visitors.

President William Ruto with foreigners

During the session, President Ruto also shared two other dining recommendations for visitors eager to savor Kenyan cuisine.

At the top of his list was Bomas of Kenya, known for its Utamaduni Restaurant and a range of culinary delights, from snacks and fast food to local specialties.

“For a taste of Kenyan culture, make sure to visit Bomas of Kenya,” advised Ruto. “You can also explore various Kenyan dishes at different places like Safari Park, where you’ll find Safari cuts and a diverse selection of cuisines. It’s a fantastic opportunity.”

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He added a tip for visitors, “Don’t miss out on trying Ugali, our local staple food made from maize. In fact, for Kenyans, we enjoy pounded Ugali for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, from Sunday to Sunday, and sometimes all 365 days of the year, and it never gets boring.”

President Ruto participated as a guest at the 13th edition of the summit, which marked the first time the event was held in Africa.

The summit, spanning four days from Sunday to Wednesday, September 13, attracted over 300 investors from more than 35 countries on its opening day.

Is a 13000 kshs plate of meat worth it?

“The Annual Summits serve as reunions for the entire KF investor network in the most exciting innovation ecosystems worldwide,” explained the event’s description. “This invite-only regional tour aims to promote cross-border investments in burgeoning tech markets worldwide, with the most recent summits hosted in Mexico, Dubai, Japan, Israel, Singapore, Brazil, and China.”

As a guest, President Ruto underscored his government’s commitment to a technological focus, providing a boost to tech companies investing in Africa. His administration is also actively working on a startup bill to streamline the sector.

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