President Ruto Govt Barred From Importing GMOs

On Thursday, May 25, President William Ruto was unsuccessful in his bid to have the Court of Appeal grant his government permission to bring in GMO maize.

The Court of Appeal determined in its 21-page decision that the complaint had no validity, despite the Office of the Attorney General’s defense of the State.

Maize samples

The court argued that because the issue involved important public interest, it was improper for the government to take such actions without taking the issues brought into account.

“Applicant must establish the first two aspects, that is, the arguability test and the nugatory aspect.

“See in Law Society of Kenya v Bloggers Association of Kenya & 6 Others (2020) eKLR. In the end, we find no merit in the application as the applicants did not satisfy us on all three limbs,” read part of the ruling.

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