Possible Foods That Could Be On The Menu By 2050

From the Ukraine war, we can learn a lot about relying on few globally traded food. Anything can happen and we can be forced to eat some new food.


However, the prospect, you could be taking breakfast on false banana or even relying on pandanus tree fruit..

Nonetheless, the climate change is heightening the risk of severe ‘food shocks’ where crops fail and prices of staples rise quickly all over.

Wild cereals

Wild cereals which come from grasses, also have enormous variety, with more than 10,000 species. It is now offering lots of potential for new foods.

Wild cereals

Fonio (Digitaria exilis) is a nutritious African grain used to make couscous, porridge and drinks. Cultivated locally as a crop, the plant can tolerate dry conditions.


False banana

Enset or “false banana” is a close relative of the banana. Nonetheless, is eaten in only one part of Ethiopia.

False banana

The banana-like fruit of the plant is inedible, but the starchy stems and roots can be fermented and used to make porridge and bread.

Studies suggest the banana-like crop has the potential to feed more than 100 million people in a warming world.

The pandanus


The pandanus (Pandanus tectorius) is a small tree that grows in coastal areas of the Pacific Islands. Its leaves are used to flavour sweet and various dishes across much of Southeast Asia.
The pineapple-like fruit can be eaten raw or cooked.

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Beans, or legumes, are another ”food of the future”. They are cheap, high in proteins and B-vitamins, and they are adapted to a wide range of environments from ocean shores to mountain slopes.

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There are 20,000 species of legumes in the world. However, there are more known to scientist all over.


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