Places to visit for a unique date night

Valentine’s Day is just a few days ahead. This is a day that has been set aside for people to show affection to those that they love. People have different ways of expressing their love: gifts, dinner dates and some through words of affirmation. 

Consequently, if you are having a loved one and you want to take him or her for a nice dinner date, here is where you will get a list and your preference. There are several unique places that you can have an unforgettable dinner date. 

Harvest restaurant (Nairobi)

Dining with your loved one at the harvest hotel will guarantee you a beautiful and unforgettable moments with your loved ones. Additionally, Harvest restaurant is a unique place with some romantic music played by renowned Spanish artists in the background. Rabindranath Tagore once said that Music fills the infinite between two souls. As you sip your wine and enjoy your food, you will have a moment to remember here by listening to those music. 

Heron Portico Poolside bar, Sirocco Aqua bar (Nairobi)

Located along Kilimani road, just 3 kilometres from Nairobi cbd, you will find Heron Portico hotel where there is a poolside bar, Sirocco Aqua bar.  Sirocco Aqua bar is one of a kind place. Besides, it is one of the newest additions to Heron portico hotel. Sirocco Aqua bar is a place to fulfil all your valentines’ desires.  The mixologists will make sure that you get taste from local and international varieties of drinks. Additionally, you can have some salsa dance with the love of your life. 

Kinondo Kwetu (Diani)

Kinondo Kwetu

If you want some memorable Valentine celebration, then the best place to spend your 14th of  February night is Kinondo kwetu.

Kinondo Kwetu is located at the far end of the remote Galu Beach, south of Diani beach. If you are in Diani, Kinondo Kwetu will be the best place to be. Their rooms are decorated with an elegant african vibe. In its official website, you will find that Kinondo Kwetu has 5 cottages. Nonetheless, this includes 3 double bedroom cottages, 1 double bedroom connecting to a single room for a smaller family. 1 big family Suite cottage with double bedroom connecting to a single room downstairs and 1 double bedroom upstairs. All are facing and have views of the ocean. Its ambience will rekindle your love.

Leopard hill (Maasai Mara)

Is your loved one a lover of nature? Well, the best place for you two is Leopard Hill. Furthermore, Leopard Hill is a modern camp in the midst of the African wilderness.


With your loved one, you can sit on the deck of your tent as you watch the animals. With such ambience, you can feel the greatness of Savannah.  

Kenmosa resort (Eldoret)

A quiet and serene place is good to reflect on for two lovers who have been together for a while. Nonetheless, it doesn’t matter too much how long you have been together, a serene place will do wonders. Located in a calm setting in Kenmosa Village Estate on Kaptagat Road, you will find Kenmosa resort. 

Kenmosa Resort-Eldoret Updated 2023 Room Price-Reviews & Deals |

Its rooms are surrounded by delightful mature gardens. Nonetheless, the resort has an exclusive restaurant that serves different international cuisines and local dishes.

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With your loved one, you will find a relaxing seat in the manicured garden among mature trees and shrubs with many species of birds. There is also a bar  that provides a great variety of drinks.

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