Peptang adds Zest with the new Recharged Dawa

Premier Foods Limited popularly known as Peptang lures the market with a new wellness drink to their portfolio.  The award-winning and ISO certified food processing company, known for a range of products found in all shops and supermarkets around the country, has excited its customers with the new bottled ‘Dawa’ a herbal drink Kenyans enjoy to treat common flu. Dawa, which means medicine in Kiswahili, is made up of honey, lemon and ginger as its key ingredients.

Leading the star-studded unveiling, Premier Foods CEO Joseph Choge said the new drink is a part of the company’s efforts in product diversification.

“Market research, customer insights and feedback are the main drivers for product diversification. Through market research, we identify opportunity gaps and develop products to bridge them,” he said.

Owing to their campaigns on social media, the company is strategic with the new product. Known for manufacturing zesty products, the company is new to beverage market. The company plays a huge role in food industry and this will prove significant when they market rolls out the new product. The health benefits add a competitive edge to the product penetration plan. According to the CEO, the product is made from natural ingredients and can beat cold while providing refreshment at the same time. The ease to access it solves the tiresome process of preparing one. The General Manager, Innovations, S. Dharmarajan also highlighted that the benefits will accommodate the younger markets as the company is also planning to launch a similar drink for children.

The product is found in all supermarkets across the country.

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