Party cut shot in Mombasa’s top club, as massive layoff is alleged

A former worker at Club Hypnotica in Mombasa has come out to reveal the club owner’s unjust treatment of his personnel, which has resulted in some alarming revelations The ex-employee, who requests anonymity, alleges that she and her coworkers were wrongfully fired without warning or justification. All of the club’s waiters and waitresses were affected by the abrupt dismissal.

Nonetheless, the source claims that on the evening of February 27, 2023, a text message announcing the firing was sent to the employee’s WhatsApp Group. They were merely told not to show up for work the following day in the message. The manager’s abrupt and unexpected termination of their employment was not explained by the club’s owner.

Here is the screenshot

“I am disappointed and confused. We were not given any tangible reason for our dismissal, and we had not committed any work-related offense,” the source said.

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The former worker stated her dissatisfaction with the absence of justice and fairness at work.

“Is it fair to be sacked without notice and without having committed any mistake?” she questioned.

However, employees who were impacted by the incident are now discouraged and unsure about their future. They are left to ponder the owner’s decision to deny them the opportunity to defend themselves.



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Photo courtesy Club hypnotica

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