Pan Grilled Mussels with Satay Sauce

Time to oil the kitchen again with these delicious Pan grilled Mussels and paired with Satay Sauce! Whether we’re talking about a dinner party or a quick weeknight meal, it doesn’t get much better than a plate of grilled mussels. Grilling mussels is a game-changer! If you love mussels but hate hauling out the pot to steam them in or cleaning up afterward, this cooking method is for you. The mussels come out moist and delicious with no mess in your kitchen. This dish has the kind of easy elegance and immediate gratification that I look for in both cases.

Grilled Mussels Recipe with Garlic Butter Sauce – Macheesmo courtesy

Total:13 mins

Serving:2 serving



90ml Extra virgin olive oil, 1/2 Kg mussels; cleaned, debearded and dried, 60 ml butter; warm, melted, 1/2 Tsp Natures Own  black pepper, or to taste, optional, Minced fresh flat leaf parsley, to taste, optional and Kosher Salt to taste


  1. Heat grill to high. Once grill is heated, place a cast-iron skillet directly over the heat. It will need to heat up significantly with the lid closed for 10 minutes.
  2. Place mussels in mixing bowl. Toss with olive oil until well coated. Add sea salt and toss again.
  3. Once the skillet is heated, put the mussels in and let them cook. They will sizzle and appear to be burning, but this is completely normal. The smoke comes from the oil and natural juices from the mussels. The salt coats and dries out the mussels to prevent the oil from catching fire and adds a hint of smokiness to the dish.
  4. Cook each mussel for 45 seconds to 1 1/2 minutes until they’re completely open.
  5. Add fresh pepper and chopped parsley on top. Serve immediately and enjoy the succulent taste of the mussels with the rich, creamy satay sauce.

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Notes from the Chef

Drizzle hot chili oil right off the grill, or a teaspoon of Natures own Cayenne pepper or chili flakes for a spicy version.

Serve a simple and fresh take with a spritz of lemon juice and fresh parsley or cilantro


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