Palacio De Sal Bolivia’s First Salt Hotel

Most hotels are usually built of different materials but never in human mind could someone think of building a salt hotel. Imagine, a brick made of salt. Bed made if salt. From walls to chair, everything is built of salt.

Thousands of tourist often go to visit the hotel.

Palacio Hotel Room Photo Courtesy

The owner of the hotel is Juan Gabriel. That is the first ever built salt in the world. The hotel is named Palacio De Salt.

In the Bolivian desert, Juan’s father spent all his savings to make bricks out of salt because it was only material there. Interestingly, the hotel is not affected by the rain. The salt are solidified with water. To make sure that they don’t melt in the rain they coated the bricks with fiber glass.

Soon, the hotel started getting filled with a lot of people.

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Some could even try to lick the walls, chair, table and bed to make sure it is made of salt. Currently, Juan could comfortably say that they give a five star hotel service. There are different kinds of food offered in the hotel.

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