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Escape with Rutini cabernet sauvignon: pairing chocolate with wine

Pairing wine and chocolate can be kind of challenging. The wrong pairing can actually taste pretty gross! As a general rule, your wine should be sweeter than your chocolate.

Chocolates have different levels of sweetness, cacao, and intensity so when pairing it ensure you match the intensity of the wine to that of the chocolate (pair lighter chocolates with lighter wines, and vice versa).

Rutini cabernet sauvignon (2)

Sweeter chocolate varieties, like milk chocolate, call for a wine that’s quite sweet. And an intense, dark chocolate that isn’t very sweet can be paired with a drier wine, the Rutini cabernet sauvignon gives a classic pairing with dark chocolate and truly a match made in heaven. Many of us now look to chocolate and wine as forms of indulgence and escape.

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Wine and chocolate

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