Overwater Suite The Sands at Chale Island Ranked Among Top Overwater Hotels

Kenyan hotels and resorts have continued to trailblaze across the globe with the latest, Chale Islands, ranking among the best overwater suites globally.

Travel + Leisure Magazine, on Monday, September 19, ranked the resort, which is located along the Indian Ocean strip, as a dreamy hotel with overwater bungalows laden with good views.

The resort has one suite constructed over water that charges Ksh69,500 per night (USD577) and is surrounded  by bright blue water and a mangrove forest.

Overwater Suite | Chale Island

“There’s only one overwater suite at this property, but it is absolutely worth booking, thanks to its views of nearby Bird Island and the Shimba Hills, which can be viewed right from the oversized bed, the spacious living area, or the lounger-lined private balcony that offers direct water access,” described the Magazine.

According to Kenyans.cohe hotel was the only one from Africa on the list and competed with other first class facilities including Hôtel Palafitte in Switzerland and Palafitos Overwater Bungalows at El Dorado Maroma, Mexico.

In Kenya, the over water suite is the first of its kind located on the northwest of the island. It overlooks stunning views of Bird Island, Gazi Bay and, in the distant sunset, the Shimba Hills.

The suite has a large bedroom with an en-suite bathroom which looks out over the channel and a separate sitting room.

The hotel has a stunning white beach fringed by coral reefs and a tidal saltwater lake and mangroves are in the vicinity.

Since the beginning of time, the island has never had electricity and depends on other sources of energy such as generators.

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To reduce its carbon imprint, the generators are often turned off from rooms for a number of hours in the day and only available at a central location.

Part of its wide-ranging offering include standard rooms at Ksh28,500 per night, lagoon banda at Ksh33,300, beach banda (Ksh42,100), Penthouse (Ksh58,600) and suite on the rocks (Ksh99,500).

The island also offers a human-wildlife infusion with its diverse mixture of indigenous and tropical Flora that attracts insects and primate life.


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