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In Winnie-the-pooh, Milne said that we cannot stay in the corner of the forest and wait for others to come to us. We sometimes have to go to them. When friends meet, there is always a solution to our problems.

It was now time to make sure we try our best to see Maggy get back together with the baby daddy. Maggy was ready to swallow her pride and face Kim. We were both unsure about Kim swallowing his pride and getting Maggie back. I could try and understand Kim could be a bit sceptical about this.

We all agreed to convince Kim to come to our favourite spot County2county grill so we could share our favourite Kenyan original beers. Kim agreed to come. Everyone was there: Maggie, Jacinta, Jeff and I. It was a good coincidence that we all favoured the mango and ginger beer so we made our six pack orders. We imbibed as we kicked off our talk. Before we could delve into what brought us there, we had to make sure that everyone was comfortable. This time, the County2county grill came through for us. The hospitality was at its best. As frequent customers, Njeri, the fine yellow-yellow waiter came through with chilled ones. She also offered us a taste sample for what she termed, the new gin in town. It was the new KO Tambuzi Gin. We sampled the Gin and boy…that’s nothing but magic in a bottle. Distilled to perfection!

“Hello guys, I am happy to be here with you. It had been a while since I had sat with such people and had a candid conversation. Am not sure why we are here but I believe all is going to end up well. And Maggy, thank you for always allowing Ryan to come and see me, it is such a noble move” Kim stated. He continued, “I have always wanted to swallow my pride and face the mother of my kids but the ego in me could not allow me too. What I wanted the most was to see my kid and his mother happy even if it meant I was not going to be an integral part of their lives. What else do we need in this life apart from being happy? If us reconnected with Maggie will make her happy, then I will stay as far as I can from her life. You know, maybe we were not meant to be together. But I swore to myself that I was going to be part of my son’s life despite the differences that we have. Taking care of my son will not do harm to anyone, right?”

Yes bro. Indeed, it is. I started off as soon as Kim concluded. You see, we are all human and prone to mistakes. We all have hidden personalities that we often hide from the ones that we love for the fear of losing them. We need friends to talk to. Maggie here really wants you two to put down the shallow difference that you have and look into the depth of what you two being together might turn out to be. Do you mind if you give her a chance to speak out? Maybe this is the only time we have here. We are not sure of tomorrow. There is nothing better than two people agreeing and swallowing their pride for the better part of their lives.


Kim is an open minded and cool guy. Before he could even utter any word, he had this broad smile that could show a lot of possible positive end results. He started:

“I have been waiting for this for the longest time possible. I know Maggie is a good woman. Maybe, not good for me. I thought maybe I couldn’t handle her. You know. But before I could come to that conclusion, I made sure that I did everything that it took to see her get what she wanted and I gave her my all. Of Course, I did all the best to salvage our relationship. I promised myself that I will give it all the time because I never wanted Ryan to grow up without both of his parents. I was not sure if Maggie wanted this too. It was hard to tell whenever I remembered what the hell made me go through.” Kim said.


Kim’s statement had Maggie have all kinds of emotions on her face. She was not sure about smiling at the compliments Kim gave in his talk or frowning from his last statement in which he concluded how Maggie made him go through hell. Maggie was now left speechless for a while. For a moment, we were all quiet. Kim’s words drove us into deep thoughts and we were wondering what Maggie could say after all this. But what else could we want aside from seeing both parties’ content with each other’s thoughts and views? Maggie was now given a chance to speak out. We all gave her our ears and heard what she had to say.

To be continued… Stay updated

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