Omena Becomes Popular Snack In China

Kenya has successfully sent its inaugural shipment of anchovies, commonly referred to as ‘omena,’ to China, signifying a noteworthy advancement in their bilateral cooperation.

This accomplishment stems from the formalization of a bilateral agreement between Nairobi and Beijing in January 2022.

A substantial 52-ton cargo of omena has been dispatched to China, fortifying the rapport between these two nations. Wu Peng, the Director-General of the Department of African Affairs at China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, expressed his contentment with this progress, emphasizing the shared advantages it offers to the citizens of both countries.

“Glad to see the first 52-tonne shipment of Kenyan omena exported to China has been delivered recently. More is on the way. The FOCAC #Green Channel for African agricultural exports to China is bringing tangible benefits to African and Chinese people,” stated Wu Peng.

In June, China initiated the import of Kenyan anchovies, starting with an initial shipment of 315 kilograms transported by air to Hunan. This marked the inception of a promising trade relationship within this sector.


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Kenyan authorities have celebrated this historic consignment for revitalizing the local blue economy. Jinzai Food Group, a snack company headquartered in Hunan, acquired the anchovies and intends to craft a popular Hunan-flavored snack at its factory. Furthermore, the company has established a processing, drying, and packaging facility in Kenya to prepare the anchovies before they are introduced to the Chinese market.

Changsha Customs has been actively implementing China’s “green channel” initiative for agricultural and food imports from Africa, implementing multiple measures to enhance customs clearance efficiency.

The debut of Kenyan wild anchovy products took place during the third China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo in late June. This event signifies a significant stride in China’s endeavor to promote the importation of high-quality African food and agricultural products, diversify domestic consumer options, and stimulate increased trade between China and Africa.

The successful export of Omena to China stands as evidence of the growing partnership between Kenya and China, bolstering economic cooperation and benefiting both nations.

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