Inside Kenya’s Elite Travelers’ Favorite Ksh 450K Per Night OL Jogi Resort 

One of Kenya’s oldest and most prestigious ranches is the Ol Jogi Conservancy, located in Laikipia County.

The 58,000-acre property, which was established more than 60 years ago, is now a popular tourism destination for the wealthy in Kenya and around the world.

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Ol Jogi, Kenya-Luxury


Tourists are charged in groups of four, with each person expected to pay about Ksh450,000 per night, according to the Conservancy’s rate card.

Additionally, the cost varies according to the season and the size of the group.

 Africa Camps & Lodges-Micato Safaris
Ol Jogi, Kenya-Luxury

For instance, the conservancy says it will charge about Ksh550,000 per night during the 2024 Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Among the activities the conservancy’s visitors take part in are canyon exploration, game drives, and bush hikes.

“The wildlife viewing tunnel, which starts inside the house and brings you a few feet away from the animals at the watering hole, is a key feature which in itself would be enough to make you want to visit,”  read the conservancy’s directorate.

There are also a sauna, a swimming pool, and a steam room on the site.

Upon request, guests can also partake in abseiling, quad biking, helicopter tours, and stargazing with professional astronomers.

In keeping with its exclusivity, visitors can choose a private chef to create a dinner that is specifically catered to them.

Hollywood has made movies on the land in addition to being used for tourists. The 1985 love picture Out of Africa is among the films that were shot on the property.

Ol Jogi Wildlife Conservancy Ranked Among The Best In The World

Ownership Information about who owned the conservancy came to light during the bitter divorce proceedings between millionaire Alec Wildenstein and his ex-wife, Jocelyn. The Wildenstein family held the expansive property.

Guy Wildenstein received ownership of the home after his brother Alec Wildenstein passed away in 2008. According to reports, the Wildenstein family’s net worth has increased by Ksh1 trillion.

It’s unknown if the French family sold the property to a different buyer.


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