A night in Manhattan


 Kenya is not short on brilliant bars, but some take things to the very highest level. It boasts a bustling nightlife scene whether you looking for a place in the city where you can enjoy a sundown, dance the night away at a nightclub, or enjoy live music from talented local artists. We got you in this, we will tell you the best joints that are indeed making the nightlife of the nation Buzz. Dress up, grab your mates and let’s head off to the new home of entertainment- The Manhattan 

Manhattan opened its doors in 2022 catching the city by storm. A brainchild of Kenyas’ decorated artist, Bien Baraza- a member of Grammy Award-winning group, Sauti Sols’, is described as “a multi-sensory experience” featuring a fuse of modern and vintage architecture. Their welcoming and beautifully designed spaces engages guests meaningfully through style and music events, along with the enjoyment of all-day dining and drinking.

Located on the 1st floor of the newly opened Imaara mall, Manhattan is not your ordinary night club. Given the name, this modern and sleek Nairobi party hub borrows a touch of class from New Yorks’ best bars and has themed week nights to entertain different crowds the world. Framed by the stylish interior, here you find more than just a typical bar.

The thematic interior grasps a lot of art with the outstanding Dj booth curved from a ‘matatu’ body. The revelers enjoy the vibes as the Dj overlooks the hyped crowd from the art filled ‘matatu’ with lights hanging over the cinematic ambience.



From the wall art to the reclaimed interiors, every detail of their space has been lovingly crafted to give one a truly memorable experience. Whether it’s for a special date or just a night out with friends, you can choose to dine in or sip your way through their drinks range as you unwind and enjoy the views of the bustling city, whatever your vibe is.


The new den specializes in the sumptuous delights of craft cocktails. The chanting music is often themed and the crowd much controlled. In keeping the space hyped the facility has invested in crafty ways to engage the crowd. Board games, card games and other block games like ‘Jenga’ are common in the facility to mitigate when the conversation levels get too high.  The buzzing atmosphere is weaved with a great selection of drinks and complemented with gastro pub dishes.

Bar Culture – K1 Movie Nights

It easily passes as one of the best VIP experiences at its best. We highly recommend you make your reservation on time to book your space in the highly-favored den. By a mile the best hangout joint in town.

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