Nairobi’s Supreme Extravaganza 

Kenya Breweries Limited (KBL), through its premier beer brand Tusker, has once again brought Nairobi’s night scene to a halt with the TuskerFest well-seasoned circuit. The fiesta, hosted at the illustrious Quiver Lounge along Thika Road, enticed numerous enthusiasts and was fully subscribed. The star-studded occasion was spearheaded by the trendy hip-hop trio Wakadinali, who put up an electrifying show christened the Tusker Fest.

The Ultimate Spectacle

The TuskerFest was the ultimate spectacle that left the enthusiasts spellbound. The occurrence featured a plethora of prominent Kenyan personalities bringing the stage to life. The youthful, dynamic, unapologetic, and artistic Kenyans staged mesmerizing performances, getting the euphoric crowd in a frenzy. The headlining act, Wakadinali, captured the show with their high-energy presentation. Their command of the stage was undeniable, and the crowd was fully submerged in their tunes. The dominant airwaves sensation Mutoriah, celebrated femcee Wangechi, Ndovu Kuu, and Tusker Nexters Finalists-Rap artist Heavyweight, all put up epic performances that kept the audience on their toes. Dubbed the dopest sherehe experience, the TuskerFest- Quiver was an unforgettable night that left everyone yearning for more.

Tusker fest

The TuskerFest circuit was not only an astounding spectacle but also a significant milestone for Tusker as a brand. The occurrence formed part of the company’s centenary milestone, and it marked a historic accomplishment for the corporation. Tusker’s primary focus now shifts towards mapping out its path for the ensuing 100 years.

Return of TuskerFest 2023 (Dates and Clubs)

Key touchpoints such as Music and Sports will remain pivotal components of the brand’s consumer engagement scheme as it continues to fulfill its promise of promoting everything that’s audaciously and distinctly Kenyan into the next 100 years.

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