Muratina gaining popularity in UK

Muratina, a locally made alcoholic beverage, is being brewed and sold in the UK by a Kenyan guy who is making a fortune.

Although the beverage is mostly outlawed in Kenya, King’ori Wambaki has become well-known in Cheshunt, United Kingdom, thanks to the traditional Kikuyu drink.

Over the course of his more than 27 years in England, Wambaki has changed from studying to working for foreigners and starting his own company.

He markets the beverage, called Muratelia, as honey-spiced wine. It is offered for sale to customers under the age of 35 and contains 12 percent alcohol.

Depending on whether it is purchased from counters, retail stores, or restaurants, muratelia is priced between £10 (Ksh 1,491) and £25 (Ksh 3,727).


“Cheshunt is located outside London. We used ingredients that are available here in the UK as we have not yet reached a point where we can import products from Kenya.

“The business provides income better than what I can earn while being employed, Wambaki who hails from Othaya, Nyeri stated.

He disclosed that he made in-depth research and business plans on how to market his product. It has also been incorporated in the modelling and fashion industry through branded bags and clothes.

He supplies his commodity to three restaurants and four shops in the UK.
The beverage, which comes in a gorgeous champagne-like bottle with black and gold accents, has a new name: “Muratelia.”

According to an inscription on the label, Muratelia is a cool beverage that goes well with red meat and salad and provides a sweetened velvet experience of exotic fruits and honey.

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The cost of the wine, which has a 12 percent alcohol content, ranges from Ksh 1,500 to Ksh 3,800..

“The drink is aimed at the millennial market but it has received interest from older generations too,” he stated while speaking to

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