Multi-Cuisine Dining Authentically- At Red Garnet


Panari Hotel,

Multi-cuisine Dining Authentically- At RED GARNET
Inspired by both African and international cuisines, Red Garnet Restaurant has crafted a gastronomic oasis, where inspired delicacies serve modern tastes. Red Garnet, consistently acclaimed among Kenya’s best fine dining restaurants, is the place to savour gourmet global cuisine in Kenyan-inspired exuberance.

Location & Access

The top-notch fine dining facility is tucked in the heart of Panari Hotel, just 5km from Nairobi’s CBD
Interior; Sights & Feels.
Just like any other world-class restaurant, Red Garnet seeks to offer so much more than just a delicious meal. They seek to evoke an emotion, create lasting memories, and instill a specific ambiance that will have you traveling halfway around the world—or just around the corner—as often as you can for an hour or two inside its walls.

Panari Hotel,

Guests arrive through an unassuming modern door before discovering a well-lit space that complements the red décor by downing the upholstered dining chairs. Located on the ground floor, the well-illuminated facility gives the perfect ambiance while enjoying the perfect meal.

Food Menu: Open buffet

Red Garnet Restaurant has stirred up the local culinary scene with a one-of-a-kind dining experience that caters to the needs of the diverse clientele that visit Panari Hotel. Each dining experience provides our guests with a taste of a broad selection of international and local cuisine.
The open buffet is the best option if you want to forget about the bother of organizing your vast menu. For this reason, Red Garnet offers a buffet to their guests which includes a large gastronomic selection of the highest quality for all tastes.

Breakfast buffet

The breakfast buffet includes over 30 different products so that you can elaborate your perfect breakfast. Premium pastries, different types of cereal, a large selection of bread, jams and cold cuts for all tastes, different fruit juices, or freshly cut fruit are just some of the products that you can start your day with. Nonetheless, we have a section with hot dishes and cooking shows which include different omelets, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, garnishes, and much more freshly prepared just for you.

Open buffet

The open buffet is made up of 10 rotational lunch and dinner menus so that the guests can enjoy different delicious dishes every day. The complete menus include fish and a wide range of crudités so that everyone can assemble their ideal salad.
On the other hand, in their desserts area, you can choose between fresh fruit, ice creams, homemade desserts, and crêpes in order to finish your meal in the most perfect way.

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The fantastic quality of their products, an exquisite elaboration by the chefs, and a magnificent presentation make the cuisine stand out amongst other fine dining hotels.

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Their Sunday brunch is a local favorite! 3000/- per person for adults and 2000/- for kids, you enjoy a more extensive special buffet. That includes a carvery with juicy meats, different types of marinades, and much more.

Additionally, all of it is presented in a spectacular way so that our meals don’t just conquer you thanks to their flavor but also through your eyes. As though that’s not enough, the Sunday fee also includes free skating at the Ice Rink or a cooling swim at the rooftop pool.

Extravagant lady spends ksh 27k on a tiny meal

Thumbs Up
The proximity and accessibility offer a lot of conveniences
The service is top notch
The Food is Fresh and Delectable
The plethora to pick from
Thumbs Down
It might be filled early on Sundays


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