MPs impede the destruction of toxic sugar

The National Assembly’s Departmental Committee on Trade has halted the Friday, July 21 scheduled destruction of banned sugar.

The decision was made following a committee meeting on Thursday, July 20, presided over by James Gakuya (Embakasi North), where the leader of the organisation in charge of destroying the 49 containers of illegal sugar indicated that the procedure was about to take place.

‚ÄúThis Committee is devoted to thoroughly examining this issue to guarantee the safety and protection of Kenyan citizens and to ensure that none of that remaining sugar is sneaked into the market again,” the committee’s chair stated.

MPs also requested information on claims that claimed certain bags were illegally supplied to the public despite the entire cargo being deemed unsafe for ingestion.

Members of the committee expressed serious reservations about the agency’s ability to supervise the procedure while asking it to delay the destruction.

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