Mount Kenya-Illicit brew made from animal feed sold in bars causes mixed reactions

Security agencies in Mt Kenya east counties are shocked by the emergence of a recent illicit brew made from animal feed being sold in bars.

Additionally, the sorghum flour used to brew the liquor is packaged and passed as animal feed; and the product now being sold in bars.

To cover all this up, the unga is purchased from retail shops in the pretense of being animal feed at Sh1,500 per 50 kilogramme bag.

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According to Tigania West assistant county commissioner Mr Patrick Kimolo, the brew was being sold in some bars, adding that they had launched a crackdown on the liquor.

“The challenge is that the unga being used is not authorised by relevant agencies including the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS),” he said.

The illicit brew is now being sold in Meru, Isiolo, Tharaka Nithi and Embu counties. In Meru County, some of the areas it is being sold are Nkubu in Imenti South, Tigania East and Igembe North, according to national government administration.

However, the officers with security agenciess are concerned about the craze since it is prepared under unhygienic conditions in a region that has seen an outbreak of cholera.

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In a visit to one of the bars, the preparation involves adding of yeast to fasten fermentation with the 50 kilo bag making 100 litres of the brew which retails at Sh20 for a cup of 300 milliliters.

“We like it because it is cheap and tastes just like some traditional brews,” said a patron at one of the bars at Muriri, Tigania East.

According to preliminary investigations, those marketing the flour evade taxes and are using fake Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) stamps.

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