Most Favored Kenyan Meals

In the world full of tantalizing foods, staple dishes carry the day. Foods that provides a nostalgic or sentimental value to someone. So, up with the good. Down with the bad! These are dishes that will definitely make you take heart in every bite. Colorful and healthful, full of vibrant color and high in protein. And, of course, it has to be tasty. This is why it’s hard to pick between wet fried Matumbo and stewed matumbo. Spicy wet fried Tripe (Matumbo) pairs perfectly with Ugali and Chapati while Stewed matumbo and Rice is a match made in heaven. No craving can’t be settled with one bite of these luscious dishes. They are quick to prepare, neat and tidy to eat.

While there is a split in popularity of these finger licking beauties, in our DOPE CONVERSATION we vibe courtesy of MULSONS SPICES as we highlight two of the most favored Kenyan meals. There is a plethora of preparation variations, but all of them ride on spices. Using Mulson spices to give more kick and flavor guarantees the perfect bite.

Garlic wet fried Tripe

Quick and ease of preparation, spicing up your matumbo with garlic is one unique way to step out of the norm. In each bite you will taste the freshness of garlic from Mulsons garlic powder that balances the flavours and a-bit of chili for a good kick. Do not be afraid of garlic, garlic is your friend. Pair this with some Ugali or chapatti and maziwa mala on the side. Epitome of delectability.

Matumbo stew

If your pallete usually gravitated to super rich, super savory meals then Stewed tripe is the way to go. It’s super rich and super savory.This matumbo stew is thick and hearty, the meat so tender and melts in your mouth relinquishing the different flavors. Flavor the stew with Mulsons curry powder and some turmeric powder to spice up and build on the colour.Nothing compares to the sheer ecstasy of having matumbo stew, together with rice and some sukuma wiki on the side.

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