Mombasa Ranked Second Cheapest City Globally, Tops African List


According to the United Kingdom Post Office’s Long Haul Report, Mombasa has emerged as the second cheapest city worldwide, securing the top spot on the continent. It follows closely behind Hoi An in Vietnam.

The report aimed to assess the prices of essential tourist items, including a bottle of beer, sunscreen, and a three-course meal for two.

In Mombasa, the combined cost for these items averaged Ksh10,586 (£59.57), while Hon Ai charged Ksh9,358 (£52.66), and Cape Town came in at Ksh10,944 (£61.58).


Bali, Indonesia, and Tokyo, Japan followed with costs of Ksh12,865 (£72.39) and Ksh13,069 (£73.54) respectively.

Other cities in the top 10 included Delhi in India, Phuket in Thailand, Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt, Penang in Malaysia, and Colombo in Sri Lanka.

The UK Post Office’s report noted that prices in Mombasa experienced a 19.2 percent decrease compared to the 2021 survey.

The report stated, “Mombasa in Kenya and Cape Town in South Africa are the runners-up again, but they’ve switched places. In Mombasa, beach prices are down by over almost 20 percent.”

In the 2021 survey, Mombasa was ranked the third cheapest city, with holidaymakers spending an average of Ksh10,342, compared to Ksh9,154 in Cape Town and Ksh9,060 in Hon Ai, Vietnam.

“Our totals for Cape Town reached Ksh9,154. With its beaches, culture, and fine dining, it retains second place, and was only just beaten to the top spot by Hoi An, in Vietnam,” as per the 2021 survey.

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