MoH: Why You Should Not Buy Fish In Nairobi-Naivasha Highway

One of the main business that you will find thriving on the busy highway of Naivasha is the fish business. Fish are being sold at a relatively cheap price.

However, the public health department has recently raised concerns about fish hawking on major highways in Naivasha. The fish are said to pause buyers in a “health hazard.”

Additionally, one the official from ministry of health has expressed the need to adopt proper fish handling. This includes preserving it in refrigerated containers to avoid contamination.

“It is shocking to see the number of people involved in the illegal sale of fish and this might lead to food-borne illnesses,” said the official.

However, the modes of transportation the fish are not as safe as people think.

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“We cannot even be sure where the fish has been sourced from. The unhygienic environment, notwithstanding,” added the official.
The officials called upon the fishery department and the people to find a proper way of storing and managing fish.

The business has been going on for over a couple of years now.

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