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People typically have very strong opinions about charcoal. Some swear by lump charcoal, others will only ever use briquette charcoal. While it might not seem like these two types of fuel are all that different, there are actually some important distinctions to consider next time you light up the grill.

close up glowing charcoal briquettes on grill grate.

Charcoal Briquettes are growing popularity across the globe. They are made from bamboo, charcoal dust, and agro-waste and then compressed to give them their defining shape. Compared with traditional fuels, charcoal briquettes can not only generate heat continuously but also produce no smoke and odor during combustion. Although it takes a longer time to light, it typically burns 4 times longer than lump Charcoal.

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The briquettes maintain a steady temperature and are usually cheaper. The only issue from briquettes is that they don’t burn as hot as lump charcoal. GLO-LITE CHARCOAL BRIQUETTES are the best for Barbecues and all your open fire cooking needs. Get a Pack today is supermarket near you.



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