Moderate Drinkers To Have Low Alcohol Version Of White Cup Lager

The Kenya Breweries limited has come up with a low alcohol beer version of white cup lager. Moderate consumers have now a reason to smile as the KBL launched the new version.  The larger is brewed from barley malt, Co2, hops, sugar, con and water.

Whitecap-DishyKenya- DishyMagazine

Whitecap-DishyKenya- DishyMagazine

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“It is important to innovate against unmet needs for our customers, moderators, occasional consumers and abstainers by offering a credible low and non-alcoholic option into their drinks’ repertoire,” said Mr Musunga the KBL’s Managing Director.

The change was stimulated during the pandemic when consumers became bothered about their health. However the decrease in alcoholic consumption-beer was the most affected segment. Consequently, this has forced alcohol manufactures to have a substitute.  The substitute include alcohol-free variants and hard seltzers which seem to portend well with its consumer.

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However, the KBL’s parent company Diageo through EABL, has launched an alcohol-free version of its popular gin brand Tanqueray.  This is in an attempt to range itself with changing proclivity of its consumers.

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