Mission Accomplished

Allan and I had to come up with a plan. We really wanted to see why these ladies are this way. So each of us had put his plan on the table so that we discuss the way forward.

We really wanted to see how these ladies benefit from doing all this. As we continued conversing with Allan, an idea came up. I decided to just play as if I know nothing at all about the lady. This was part of our plan: Taking their phone and seeing the flow of their conversation.
At first, this seems to be hard. None of the ladies could stay an inch away from their phones. On my side, I had decided to get some drinks and invite Jane over. Allan would do the same and we could keep each other in touch.

Finally, the day came. I invited Jane over. She came. I wanted to make sure that the drinks couldn’t mess me up. Finally, I got a chance to take her phone. I went through their conversation. Premium tears! So this is what they have been doing.

The reason why Jane and Marya have been doing that is for them to get those men with a lot of money. Part of their conversation read, “Babygirl, money attracts money. If we don’t do this, we can’t have such men and such amounts in our banks”

After all those investigations, I realized that neither Jane nor Marya was working. That was their lifestyle. They took advantage of everymen they were dating. Too bad they never learned about financial management. It was too hard for them to have some savings. One of them admitted how hard it was for them to save because they would get money anytime they needed it.

At this point, there was no need of now Allan to go through the conversation. So I texted Allan and made some new plans. I had to take some vengeance.
This was our next plan. We could now plan for a business trip, the act broke, and then ask one of the ladies if she could come through for us.

After a long night of drinking and talking, I asked Jane if she could get me some amount and I would return as soon as am done with the business trip. Since she gained much of my trust, Jane finally agreed. She asked me if I could wait for a few days. I agreed.

That day came. Jane agreed to give me some money. Jokingly, I asked her, “where am I supposed to sign an agreement?”
She laughed and told me, ‘ I will know what to do with you…”

Allan, on the other hand, had to come up with plans of breaking up with Marya. His mission was complete. I now knew all that I wanted to know. I wanted to leave her with debts to see how she will get to pay. At the moment, I had sent some letters to the agent in my apartment informing them that was my last month there.


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