Dishy favourite: Miss Barakeilla


The food content creator we can’t get enough of…

Miss Barakeilla

Amongst the thousands of blogs, YouTube channels and cooking accounts burgeoning online Miss Barakeilla, alias Chefbarakeilla has stamped her space as one of the best food content creators. The fast-rising digital content creator has seen multitude of followers, all driven by the same passion: food, stuck to her content.

Miss barakeilla

With a background of a professional chef, the curator of awesome recipes has been consistent on blessing our timeline with recipes of common favorite dishes, also giving tips that have allowed her followers discover new products and meals that one can relish, via videos and photos that are sure to whet your appetites. Thriving at the intersection of Drinks + food she has chattered her niche as a house hold name in Kenya. Her fashion sense has seen the curvy chef attract big brands in the nation offering nothing but the best of expertise, blending in fashion and food. If she doesn’t motivate you to cook, I don’t know what will! Give her a follow



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Miss Barakeilla

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