Millers Issue warning on Unga Price Increase

On Thursday, March 9, Kenyan millers that provided affordable unga under the subsidy program in the cabinet of former President Uhuru Kenyatta lamented a payment delay.

Ken Nyaga, the chair of the United Grain Millers group, issued a warning that Kenyans could have to pay more for unga since the millers were considering raising prices as part of their recovery plan.

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Nyaga worried that small-scale millers might have to close due to financial difficulties brought on by the delay. “Some have shut down, while some have slowed down on operations because they cannot afford to buy maize,” the Chairperson lamented.

Nyaga pointed out that because the majority of millers were dependent on loans to operate, they were now at risk of being put up for auction by banks and other lenders.

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The millers also pointed out that Kenya continued to struggle with the high costs of flour. However, the position on the market was made more difficult by the high prices of maize.

The millers warned that if the government did not de-escalate the issue, efforts to lower the unga prices would have to wait longer.

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