Milk Price Gone High In Local Shops And Supermarket

The price of milk in most local shops has gone up by Sh5 for a half-litre packet. This ,move has put the retailers on the spot given that there has been no accustoming from the processors recently.

For instance, the price of half a liter has increased by three shillings in supermarket. Most local shops are now selling the same milk at 55 shillings for half a litre packet.

Photo courtesy Bizna

Nixon Sigey, the New Kenya Cooperative Creameries managing director said that he was not aware of the price acclimation at the processor level.

“We have not reviewed our prices, I need to check with the retailers,” said Mr Sigey.

Not all retailers have increased their prices yet but in a few days time, their prices will go up.

Milk production has recently decreased compared to last year. This could be due to drought in the current quarter.

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