Meet The First Kenyan Wine Maker In USA, Dr Wachira

Most people love wine. Wine is a business that would pick up in most places around the world. kenyan born Chris Wachira tried her way out and later became the first Kenyan-born winemaker in California, United States.

Dr Wachira Chris

Wachira is a holder of Nursing doctorate degree in healthcare system leadership from the University of San Francisco.

She is now an owner of Wachira wines – a thriving wine business in the US.

According to, Wachira founded the winery business in 2017 following her commitment to improving science and exploring cause and effect, spilling over into viticulture, the study of the science of grapes and their culture.

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Subsequently, her passion for winemaking peaked. Additionally, she started collecting varietals that celebrated Kenyan culture and values that would help her craft wine that evoked memories of the special moments she shared with her family back in Nairobi.
Nonetheless, Wachira Wines is now among the top-selling brands in California.

Wachira produces five varietals which are all reminiscent of Kenyan culture and values. Wachira wines are fruitier and light and are usually served chilled.

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On the other hand, she produces muscat, sparkling wine, cabernet sauvington, zinfandel black label wines and chardonnay. The Kenyan entrepreneur sources grapes from Napa, Paso Robles and Lodi. Interestingly, each of her brands is associated with the big five safari animals from Kenya (elephant, rhinoceros, buffalo, lion and leopard).

Dr Chris Wachira

“We would like to say that we are taking Californian grapes on an African safari,” Wachira stated in a past interview.

“I struggled to identify wines that complemented my mother’s and grandmother’s cuisine. It also bothered me that I did not see myself represented behind the counter as a winemaker or as a wine expert,” she added in the Wachira Wines company profile.

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Dr Chris Wachira courtesy ke

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