Mboga Kienyeji at Eating Point – Landimawe

Whenever you hear the word kibanda 99% of the time you imagine a makeshift open-air hotel where the food is cheap to affordable, the special is chapo-dondo and Chapo-ndengu. Join WASPS as he shifts gear to Landi mawe to some iconic Kibandaski escapades.

Our Kibandaski shenanigans continue at Landmawe. This foodie’s paradise is weaved with multiple eating joints and any Kibandaski lover will attest to it. This time round our craving takes us to one of the most iconic joints around Landi, Eating point. Most partakers of ‘njohi’ know it as ‘kwa madhe ule wa garage’ and its widely famed as the joint where you can fill your belly and also nurse your hangover in just a meal.

For those who are still cracking their mind about Landi mawe, the hood has a lot of spare parts shops so every day there is a buzz of activities and a traffic of people. This shouts one thing, food must be to fill. That’s where Madhe hails. You will meet madhe seated just outside the many cubicles that form Eating point with a bunch of notes on her hand almost swallowing her poorly pedicured fat fingers. 4 eating spaces, 1 Kitchen and 1 washing area for dishes. Akinyi and Wanja busy parading down the aisles to serve the ever ending customers while Njoki is busy taking orders for take-away.

I had done my search and true to eat, eating point stands to date as the place with the widest array of Kienyeji greens, some I never even knew how to pronounce. Pair that with either their matumbo, nyama fry or samaki and you are in for a mega treat. “Akinyi kuna nini?” and she gladly rapped the many mboga kienyeji including Osuga, managu, Terere, mrenda, kunde, saga, saget and mchicha she added to the list of skuma, spinach and cabbage. “Nikule gani?” I seeked her expertise and I settled for Mrenda cooked with milk and fry meat with ugali brown.

The place was getting full by the minute and now the ‘late comers had to stand wait for freed space as they pampered their cravings. The services here are quite to expectation considering the heavy inflow. I had to wait a bit longer as plates were over. What? Yes, you read it right. This was the first time in our eating escapades where serving plates were over and we had to wait for some to be washed. Upon grilling madhe she confessed to having bought 2 more dozen that day and it wasn’t easy for her financially.

I knew why I was here and I had to enjoy the food. It was up in 10 minutes and what a meal that was. The creamy mrenda was flavourful and the brown ugali so rich. The meat, tender and every bite tasted heavenly. I have to bring Nancy here, that was my promise as I paid my 180 bill happily. However, to enjoy it all, go early.

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