Martha Collison’s Makes Coronation Crown Scones

All agree that scones are a favorite festive food, yet there may never be an end to the argument about whether to put the cream or jam on first. Scones are served to the Royal Family every summer at Buckingham Palace, and they are not an exception.

With her Coronation Crown Scones recipe, British baker, author, and food blogger Martha Collison has combined the tastes of King Charles with this traditional delight to produce scones fit for a king. Collison stated of producing the recipe for the approaching Coronation, “It is certainly a great honor to have been tasked with crafting a recipe. I wanted to find a recipe that is distinctly British, simple to share with friends and neighbors, and that anyone could create using materials they probably already have.

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“I’ve infused my scone dough with Darjeeling tea and honey: supposedly how King Charles takes his afternoon cup of tea, and have used scissors to shape the top of the dough into a crown, so they will really stand out in your Afternoon Tea spread,” explained Collison. “You can leave out the tea entirely if it isn’t to your taste, and just try out the fun decoration. Make sure you chill the dough for at least an hour, or you’ll find the points will droop in the oven (still delicious, but not as regal!).”

There will be plenty of scones to share (although we don’t think they’ll last long), and you can modify the recipe to suit your preferences if the King’s preferences aren’t your preferences.


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