Make your Moov

There is no love sincerer than the love of food. The most affordable trip is one where you fasten your taste buds and allow intercontinental cuisines take you places.

Indulge Breakfast in France & Belgium, Lunch in Uganda, Starters in Cyprus, Dinner in Mexico, Cocktails in the Maldives, Dessert with the Kangaroos in Australia… but always come back to  Moov Café & Bistro for the ultimate experience


Moov Café and Bistro is a sleek, innovative funky joint located in the heart of Nairobi- in Kilimani’s Wood Avenue, Mowaka Autocenter. The facility raises to the occasion as one of Kenya’s most Authentic Cafes & Bistro. This modern Kenyan bistro concept was inspired by the humble “blackie” bicycle and the motion that comes with it. Celebrated by many, the art-rich bistro represents simplicity and smooth and contemporary vibes.

Nonetheless, their cyclical Kenyan-inspired menu and unique ambiance is a must-try experience for those in search for a chilled environment to catch up with their family, friends, or colleagues in the daytime, but also for the funky cats who want to get up to no good when the sun goes down.

If you want to re-live the Kenyan taste experience, dip on into Moov Cafe and Bistro for some of the best tasting, authentic Kenyan dishes, craft beer and cocktails all through the week, Mon – Sat: 10am – 11:30pm. The menu options are an excellent value. The dining experience will make you want to Make your Moov again.


Moov burger

The Moov Burger 2.0 🍔

Chicken burger that’s smothered in a signature home-made bacon ketchup served with fries and pineapple side-salad


Githeri-Fusilli, in a rich tomato sauce and served with a side of avocado 🥑



With 1000 you are in for a treat, guaranteed maximum satisfaction and memories to go with

Name: moov_bistro

No. +254 799 094 561

IG : moov_cafe_bistro

Location: Wood Avenue (Mowaka Autocenter), Kilimani.

Type: Dine-in · Takeout · Delivery



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