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A unique part of Kenya, Tiwi beach is an off-the-beaten-track destination for intrepid travellers. It is located north of Diani Beach, and is approximately 17 kilometres south of Mombasa. The beach is renowned for the excellent diving opportunities and the locals are welcoming. The facilities are vast, best part… you get to swim from Africa to Madagascar in Minutes.

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Why you should be here- utter paradise

  1. It is easily accessible with the area is being served by Ukunda Airport. Matatus to Diani also serve the area, via the Likoni Ferry and Mombasa Island.
  2. Tiwi is notably different from the other tourist destinations on the coast in its isolation, perhaps only Mswambeni is its equal.
  3. For those looking for a resort style holiday, the resort gives you the best of both worlds: a resort-style holiday with a choice of restaurants, bars and activities in a location that is one of.
  4. A perfect camp space. The facility is right on the beach, nothing but swaying palms and crashing waves. Its utter paradise as far as campsite locations go.
  5. The houses are private and the use of local materials, coloured glass, heavy wood ‘Funzi furniture’ and the open to the elements design gives you the sense of being at one with nature.
  6. The beach line stretches for several kilometers and the properties are very private and feel very exclusive. The beach has even and white sand, and the beach line stretches for several kilometers. The bottom is sandy.
  7. The Beach is a perfect place for snorkeling and diving.
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