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Kenya has vastly grown as a home to best international and local wines with a wider selection of wines than anywhere else in East Africa. From Classic Italian red wines to Chianti and famous sparkling wines, there is not a single doubt that wine plays an important role in Kenya’s drinking culture. Sometimes, navigating the wide world of wine can be extremely challenging, but here is a little guide to elegant flavours that are easy-to-drink and affordable.

Rosso Nobile Al Cioccolata 

Rosso Nobile Al Cioccolata is a German wine classified as red wine or red sweet wine and belongs to the Rosso Nobile family. It is infused with chocolate aromas to give it a smooth taste. This wine is known to engulf the nose with aromas of ripe black fruit, cherries, along with dark chocolate.

ABV- 10%

Price- Ksh.2,100


Duchessa Lia Fragolino Rose 

Duchessa Lia Fragolino Rose is an Italian wine classified as red wine or sparkling wine. The aromatized wine is renowned for its unmistakable flavor of freshly-picked wild strawberries and harmonious aromas

ABV- 7%

Price- Ksh.1,600

Duchessa Lia Fragolino Rose 

Robertson`s Sweet Red  

This South Africa produced wine is classified as a red wine and belongs to the Robertson winery. The ruby red colored, natural sweet range wine made in its own unique way by blending varietals to showcase fruity and fresh flavors.

ABV- 8.5%

Price- Ksh.1,200

Robertson`s Sweet Red

4th Street Red 

This rare medium-bodied wine is produced by 4th Street wine winery.  It’s a blend of sweet red wine obtained from selected vineyards with quality grapes grown in western Cape, South Africa. Referred as a romantic wine, It has a dark red color and combines its fruity taste with its sophistication.

ABV- 7.5%

Price- Ksh.1,100


Asconi Pastoral

The Moldova wine is classified as red wine or red dry wine or cabernet sauvignon. The deep red colored wine is rich in aromas of plums, pears and cherries, which all combine together in a fantastic way. It has a sweet and complex taste with long finish.


ABV- 16%

Price- Ksh.1,600



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