KWS release a Statement After Maasai Morans Kill 6 Lions

On Saturday, May 13, Maasai morans in Kijiado County killed six lions that had broken into homes in Mbirikani-Amboseli close to Oloitokitok.

The lions were allegedly slain by Maasai warriors after they murdered 11 goats and a dog, according to Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS).

“The lions killed eleven goats and one dog last night. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident as over the last week, four other lions have been killed resulting to a total of ten lions killed in the Amboseli ecosystem,” read part of a statement by KWS.

Lion in Amboseli

In order to resolve recent instances of human-wildlife conflict in the region, the KWS Board of Trustees Chairman, Lieutenant General (Rtd) Walter Raria Koipaton, and Acting Director General, Dr. Erustus Kanga, met with local residents in Kajiado South Sub County.

Koipaton pointed out the need to reduce the likelihood of conflict between people and wildlife,   including the creation of early warning systems to inform communities when animal is present nearby.

Oldest Lion In Amboseli Killed

The KWS Director General stressed the significance of striking a balance between the requirements of the neighborhood people and the requirement to safeguard wildlife.

Assuring them that they will cooperate to find long-term solutions to the disputes, Dr. Kanga asked community members to report any instances of human-wildlife conflict to KWS.

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