Lavender Villa’s Artful Fusion of Opulence and Wilderness

Nestled within the heart of Naromoru in Nyeri County, Lavender Villa emerges as a beacon of sophistication, an exquisite two-bedroom haven that marries modern elegance with natural allure. This stylish sanctuary stands as a testament to architectural brilliance, offering a captivating panorama that gazes out to the grandeur of Mt. Kenya.

Lavender Villa’s

Perched gracefully upon a sprawling 2.5-acre expanse, Lavender Villa possesses an enchanting location within an earthly paradise. The inspiration drawn from the awe-inspiring visage of Mount Kenya is flawlessly woven into the fabric of this villa, nestling it comfortably within Burguret, Naro Moru.

Each detail, every contour, is an ode to the landscape that cradles it. At the heart of this intimate escape lies a private pool that invites the sunlight to mirror the magnificence of the villa’s surroundings. Within, the villa boasts two spacious double ensuite bedrooms that offer not just accommodation, but an invitation to indulge in comfort. A thoughtfully appointed kitchenette and a welcoming living area complete the interiors, providing a seamless blend of luxury and convenience. All of this is encompassed within a secure compound, ensuring both privacy and tranquility.

Lavender Villa’s

Lavender Villa’s allure extends beyond its architectural splendor, as a natural pond on the premises becomes a serene habitat for a myriad of resident birdlife. Inkiostro Bianco wallpaper, a symbol of artistic refinement, graces the villa’s interiors, seamlessly merging modern aesthetics with Kenya’s heartwarming embrace. For the adventurous souls, the Villa offers a gateway to the region’s most captivating attractions. From the renowned Ol Pejeta Conservancy and the ethereal Mt. Kenya National Park to the lush expanse of Ngare Ndare Forest and the captivating Aberdares National Park, adventure and exploration await just beyond the villa’s doorstep.
With an enticing rate of 25k Kenyan Shillings or $200 per night, Lavender Villa graciously opens its doors for those seeking an unparalleled escape. It isn’t just accommodation; it’s an ode to the soul-stirring beauty that is Kenya.

Lavender Villa’s

As you yearn to answer the call of this exceptional retreat, let us guide your journey. Book your stay at Lavender Villa through @UnchartedKenya, a tour and travel destination company dedicated to curating the best experiences. From seamless arrangements to personalized touches, they ensure that your escape to Lavender Villa is nothing short of extraordinary.


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