Kune Food Shuts Down, 90 Employees To Loose Job

Kune foods has recently shut down its operations just a year after its launch with its founder and Chief Executive Officer Robin Reecht.
The hotel denounced the “economic downturn and investment markets tightening up.”

The firm will now have to lay off 90 employees and lose more than 6,000 customers and 100 corporate customers that it had acquired from when it began.

Howeve, the bank had raised more than 100 million shillings in pre-seed funding a year ago. Earlier this year, it said it was raising USD3.5 million from local and international investors to ramp up production.

Kune food employees

The food was sold at a around 300 shillings but the manager said that it was not enough to sustain its growth.

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“We were unable to raise our next round. Coupled with rising food costs deteriorating our margins, we just couldn’t keep going.”

“Many things could have been done differently, better certainly. The coming months will allow us to reflect on Kune’s failure, and I hope to share about it when the time will be right,” he said

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Kune food employees

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