Kilele Nyama; The Peak Roast House

Kilele opened its doors in May 2019 and Kenyans being meat lovers will always welcome a new roast house warmly, especially if it offers what Kilele have – exceptionally good meat, a variety of cocktails and wines, International 5-star service and a breath-taking 270-degree view of Nairobi.

Kilele is literally meat heaven.

Location and access

Kilele Nyama is located at the rooftop of the Ibis Styles Hotel building along Rhapta Road, Westlands.

If you are using public transport, from the Delta building at Westlands round about on Waiyaki Way, take a left turn on to Ring Road Westlands then go straight on to join Rhapta Road where you will find the Ibis building.

It is the last of the 3 restaurants and is the main roast house at the hotel.

Interior; Sights and Feel

Kilele means ‘Peak’ and that explains why the restaurant is at the rooftop of the multiple storied Ibis building.

An almost 360 degrees view is what hits you once you enter Kilele Nyama. The huge windows let you see as far as you can see of Nairobi. There are various seating places, some in the middle while some are immediately next to the windows. Wherever you sit, you’ll enjoy the view.

The wooden ceiling is light brown wooden and blends in with the dark wooden floor. The letter ‘K’ is engraved on the glass doors and also onto plant stands.

Kilele has a lot of sitting spaces. There are the more intimate tables, best suited for couples and then there are also large spaces with couches suitable for larger groups. The couches range from red, brown and even some floral tribal prints.

A couple of screens have been mounted on the walls just in case you want something else other than the view, which is highly unlikely.

Nyama and Drinks


Kilele Nyama isn’t a stylish roast house for its classy setting and appearance only but this is also reflected in their menu.

For the ultimate meat lover, Kilele’s menu will leave you spoilt for choice. Kilele Nyama is home to the famous Chef Rubia who is the ultimate master of meat. Chargrilled meat is the house specialty. Their main meat menu is divided into 3 – chicken, pork and beef. Some of the signature meals are Grilled Chicken skewers- 1200/-, Charred Beef Ribs – 1400/- and Charred Pork Ribs – 1400/-. The charred meat at Kilele Nyama is simply a must have.

It is one of few roast houses with a vegetarian menu. The vegetarian meals include the vegetarian lasagna (Baked layered pasta with roasted assorted vegetables with double cheese, garlic bread and side salad) – 1000/-, vegetarian biryani – 1000/- and the sweet chili paneer cheese (Sautéed fried paneer cheese in sweet spicy sauce) – 1200/-.

A unique feature in the menu is their ‘share a platter’ combos. These are platters that are big enough for two/ three. These platters have three combos; Mix Grill Platter 1 (Chargrilled half chicken, wings, beef short ribs and 2 sides of your choice at 2300/-), Mix Grill Platter 2 (Chicken Skewers, chicken wings, pork spare ribs and 2 sides of your choice at 2600/-) and Mix Grill Platter 3 (Chargrilled full chicken, wings, beef short ribs, pork spare ribs and 3 sides of your choice at 4200/-).


Kilele Nyama have some wicked cocktails. Their custom cocktails are prepared with great care by some great mixologists. Some cocktails even have ice cream and yoghurt just to show off they offer 5-star cocktails.

Some of their cocktails that include the Rusty Nail (Johnnie Walker Scotch and Drambuie – 800/-), the Mai Tai (Captain Morgan Dark Rum. Almond Liquer and Pineapple juice at 900/-) and Old-Fashioned cocktail (Bulleit Bourbon, sugar and bitters- 800/-).

Imagine enjoying good meat, great wine and panoramic views all at one place. Kilele offers all this. Their wine list extends from Italian, South African, French, Australian and even Israeli. If you aren’t a wine guy, the staff may recommend what you may like.

Dishy Tip

The Daily Happy Hour with Buy one get one free on Cocktails starts from 5:30pm to 7:30pm.

Saturdays also have Burger offers where you get two Burgers for the price of one.

Thumbs Up

Food portions at Kilele are really satisfactory. The food portion and of course taste is worth your money.

Short distance from the CBD. Getting to Kilele Nyama takes less than 6 minutes from the city center.

Thumbs Down

The parking menace is frustrating. The smaller parking area gets full fast and the larger parking area is quite some distance away.

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