Keroche Launches New Beer Brand

Established in the year 1997, Keroche industries is the second largest alcoholic beverages producer in Kenya. Founded by by Tabitha Karanja and her husband as a fortified wine maker, the firm launched it’s latest product marketed as X beer, a sugar-free brand in a brief ceremony following another launch on April,2020.

Confirming her words during the previous launch, Karanja announced that plans were underway to launch another brand of strong beer in the next three months creating more job opportunities for residents and generating extra revenue.

Speaking during the launch of X beer, she said the new brand is part of the effort to grow its market share to 20 percent. “The quality of brand X and its richness is unmatched in the present market. It is targeted at the middle and upper-end market,” she said. For years we have relied on imported strong beer. Being local manufacturers, we have chosen to fill this gap and give Kenyans a beer of great taste that makes for an easy enjoyable drinking experience,” she added.

Beer X will retail at Ksh 250 per bottle with alcohol content of 8.8 per cent.

Summit Lager and Malt beers, as well as Vienna Ice and Crescent Vodkas are among their popular brands.




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