Keroche Breweries On The Verge Of Laying Off 250 Workers, What Next?

Keroche has warned that it would lay off 250 workers in the next few days. This is going to happen if it won’t be allowed to sell its alcohol worth Sh512 million. On the other hand, KRA is gave them an ultimatum of paying at least Sh322 million tax.

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“On December 22, 2021 KRA re-opened, but unfortunately, the earliest our products could reach the market was on December 27, 2021. We only managed to sell for three days till the end of the year but KRA was on our case demanding the arrears according to the payment plan. We remitted Sh10 million which was available in our accounts then, which to them was insufficient,” said Keroche. This has made the company not being consistent in manufacturing more brews.

However, an effort to explain the reasons for the Sh322 million tax deficit, the taxman did not want to hear about its efforts to make amendments for the arrears.

More than 250 people depend on this company to feed their families. Nonetheless, many retailers who get Keroche products depends on the company too. Tabitha  Karanja, the CEO has called upon for the President to intervene.

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