Kenya’s Unique Restaurants You Should Visit

It is everyone’s wish to dine with family and friends in a place that they will enjoy and make memories. There are tens of restaurants in Nairobi that are either uniquely built or offers unique food. This are the places one needs to visit at least once in a while.

Well, here is a list of the most outstanding restaurants in the city.

Talisman restaurant

If there is a restaurant along Ngong Rd, Nairobi that you ought to visit, then Talisman will be an ideal one. It is a unique hotel of a different setting from the rest of the restaurants.  The Talisman began as a small old house in Karen which was initially inhabited by the well known wildlife photographer and author Alan Root in their youth. The place offers one of the best cuisines in Kenya.

Talisman restaurant


Mama Ashanti

One of the places that you would love to get or served good quality home cooked meals at a good price then that would be Mama Ashanti.  Situated in Muthangari gardens in Nairobi, Mama Ashanti has been offering good services for its people for over 20 good years.

Mama Ashanti offers catering, reserve rooms for special events, and cater those to your specifications. Nonetheless, they cater off-site and would your home if you have an event.

Welcome - Mama Ashanti Restaurant

Mama Ashanti

The Mama Rocks

Mama Rocks is situated at The Alchemist Bar along Parklands Rd in Nairobi. Nonetheless, Mama Rock bring you the African inspired ‘Gourmet Burger.’

Besides, the meals especially the burger is created with love and the freshest, natural ingredients.

It offers the sapeur boutique burger, milk shakes, hot drinks cold drinks and so much more.

Lucca restaurant

One of the best restaurant you will always long and yearn to visit is Lucca restaurant. Consequently, the restaurant welcomes you with a palate of fresh Italian flavor serving freshly prepared dishes from the a la carte menu in a luxurious and cosy dining room.

Lucca Restaurant is Now Open, the only authentic home of Italian cuisine in Kenya! - Go Places ™ Digital

In one of their customers review, this is what she had to say; ”Had dinner one week ago at the Lucca restaurant. The food was excellent, I chose a very sumptuous and delicious chicken meal with a sauce that was just awesome. Staff are helpful and very courteous including those who assist with the parking. The cake for my friend’s birthday was unique and very professionally done. It was my first time to be at this restaurant and will definitely be going back.”

This must be a good experience.

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Wasp & Sprout in Loresho, Nairobi

Wasp and Sprout offers al meals from breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. Meals served include Vegan Options, Gluten Free Options, Vegetarian Friendly. You will not miss your favorite food here.
Wasp and Sprout - EatOut

Wasp and Sprout

However, there are other more classic and unique restaurants in the city. This are just few that were mentioned.

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Talisman restaurant

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