Kenya’s Most Prevalent Dishes

Kenya is one of the countries with the sweetest food in the world. Almost all people who have been to Kenya love Kenyan dishes. From Nyama Choma, Ugali, rice chapati and more.

Nevertheless, here are the most common Kenyan dishes you will never miss.


In most Kenyan households, you will not miss maize flour. Ugali is made of boiled water mixed with maize flour. Additionally, it goes well with a variety of stews. It can be served with veggies and meat.


Githeri is a mixture of maize and beans. Maize is one of the most common crops in rural areas and arguably a constant ingredient in almost all Kenyan meals. However, first originated from Kikuyu land but has now spread all over. Most high schools in Kenya consume Githeri.

Githeri photo courtesy


Quite a several Indians live in Kenya. Rice was commonly taken as an Indian dish. It is now common in Kenya.

Additionally, it used to be eaten ceremoniously but nowadays it is eaten every day.

It can go with a lot of things. It can be taken with meat, beans, potatoes and greens among others.

French fries

In most Kenyan hotels both local and five stars, you will never miss French fries on their menu. They are commonly referred to as Chips.

Moreover, is even prepared locally in vibandas and here, they are referred to as Chips with. nonetheless is mostly taken together with sausage and chicken.


It is a flat unleavened bread found in Kenya. Nonetheless, it is referred to as Toti by Indians. Besides, On most occasions, you will find chapati. It is made of a few ingredients. Wheat flour,  water, salt, sugar and if necessary, you can grind vegetables to change their colour and taste.

It is a flat unleavened bread found in Keny.

Here is a picture of chapati.

Nyama Choma

Nyama Choma is simply roasted meat. It is classic barbecued meat from beef, goat, chicken or even fish. Also, It can be served with Ugali, Rice or Vegetables.

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