Kenyans to get passports in 21 days

Kenyan passports will now be delivered to more than 60,000 candidates within three weeks according to Prof. Julius Bitok, Principal Secretary for Immigration and Citizens Services.

After the government received over 100,000 blank visa booklets, Immigration and Citizen Services Principal Secretary Prof. Julius Bitok stated that the backlog would be cleared within 21 days.

“It will take you 21 days to receive your passport if you apply on the e-Citizen platform,” the PS said.

According to the most recent Immigration Department records, 63,265 passport applications are still awaiting issuance, the majority of which are for the well-liked 34-page A-series passports.

The backlog has been attributed to delays in the booklet supply and a spike in passport demand, particularly from Kenyans looking for employment abroad and students enrolling in foreign universities.

Citizen Services PS Julius Bitok

PS Bitok stated that the government is in discussions with potential investors about the chance of investing in domestic passport production for more rapid and reasonably priced supplies. He encouraged more Kenyans to use the e-Citizen online passport application system to benefit from the digitization of governmental services.


A backlog of 15,358 A series passports, 10,045 B series passports, and 37,810 C series passports will now be cleared with the delivery due to a shortage of booklets.

All passport classes will be adequately covered by the new stock, so applicants do not need to alter their top choices, according to Bitok.

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