Kenyans encouraged to support local tourism

Kenyans are being urged by the Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) to embrace domestic travel, try out new things, and support the development of the nation’s tourism industry.

The “You Deserve A Holiday” campaign, which was launched a year ago, has already generated Sh1.1 billion by selling 108,963 bed nights.

Speaking during the Sigona Golf Club’s domestic activation push, KTB Chairperson Francis Gichaba emphasised the value of domestic travel in fostering local economies and communities.

Although the campaign has already reached considerable milestones, he pointed out that there is still a lot of untapped potential.

“We have seen communities and towns which have come up because of domestic tourism,” said Gichaba.

“This is indeed a transformative phenomenon and speaks of the potential for further growth. We are creating new destinations through the ‘You Deserve A Holiday’ campaign as we encourage Kenyans to explore their own backyard.”

The “You Deserve A Holiday” campaign has worked with more than 20 industry players, including travel agencies, airlines, and hoteliers, since its start in June 2022.

These partnerships have produced extensive travel packages that provide seamless experiences for domestic travellers.

Through the Magical Kenya golf Tour, the campaign has travelled to a number of locations around the nation, including Nairobi, Machakos, Kisumu, Nakuru, and Eldoret.

The dedication of the travel industry partners to encouraging domestic travel and improving the overall tourism experience has been demonstrated.

Through combined marketing initiatives like golf tour series, mall activations, corporate visits, church activations, and media promotions, the campaign seeks to target prospective markets inside the domestic market and sustain long-term demand for domestic travel.

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