Kenyans Embracing Banana Wine (Video)

In addition to eating bananas as a fruit, in a salad, or in a smoothie, an advocate of organic farming decided to brew wine out of them.

The woman, who described the beverage as delicious to her supporters, claimed that it took upwards of two and a half months for the fermenting process to produce the ideal result.


The banana is blended with sugar, yeast, cloves, water, and cinnamon to create the wine.

According to Home Brew, bananas are the ideal fruit for creating wine because of their added sweetness. To counteract the acidity, just a few substances are needed.

A lot of sliced bananas with peels are needed for the procedure. To prevent consuming pesticides and other toxins, you are advised to make sure the fruits are organic.

In particular, much as with other wines, the maturation age of the wine affects its flavor. The taste of wine improves with longer fermentation.

Pairing Wine and Steak

“Once it ages well, you get crystal clear, brilliantly golden liquid with all finesse. Remember to always keep your wine in a dark place as it ages,” a wine lover advised.

The banana is regarded as an excellent source of potassium and unrefined sugar.

A 750ml bottle of banana wine reportedly costs between Ksh800 and Ksh2,000 at various stores.

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