Kenyan Sunrise : A Delightful Dawn

In the world of mixology, where innovation is king and every sip should be a revelation, there emerges a cocktail that’s been creating ripples in the discerning circles of the F&B universe. Allow us to introduce you to “Kenyan Sunrise”. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill drink; it’s a sunrise in a glass, it’s a journey of flavors that unfolds with every pour. The rich aroma of Tusker Malt, now elevated with the delicate allure of strawberry syrup. As the two entwine, they create a stunning red hue, reminiscent of the early African sunrise that inspired its name. The lime juice adds the perfect zing, balancing the sweetness with a refreshing citrus twist.


– Tusker Malt

– Strawberry syrup

– Lemon juice


  1. Begin by adding 60ml of tantalizing strawberry syrup to a pitcher.
  2. Follow this with 60ml of zesty lime juice.
  3. Top it all off with the delightful essence of 4 bottles of 330 ml Tusker Malt.
  4. To crown this masterpiece, garnish it with fresh strawberries and prepare to be transported to an African dawn.


A pro tip:

Tilt the pitcher gently to avoid an excess of foam.

Upon making it, you’ll notice the strawberry and lime have combined with the lager to give it a red tint, typical of an early sunrise, hence the name.



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Kenyan Sunrise : A Delightful Dawn

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