Kenyan Starts A Thriving Chapati Business in Canada

Five months ago, Dorcas Wanjiru left Kenya and settled in Toronto, Canada, with the hope of finding employment in apple-picking. However, her journey took an unexpected turn as she now earns a living by cooking and selling chapati to various hotels in Toronto.

As fate would have it, her entrepreneurial spirit emerged, leading her to establish a successful chapati business in her new country. Fondly referred to as the “Queen of Chapati,” Wanjiru shared with how it all began in the hotel where she was staying when her homemade chapatis caught the attention of everyone in the neighborhood.

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It didn’t take long before she started receiving orders from people who craved her delicious chapatis. “By the time I received my work permit, I was ready to pitch the idea of offering chapati-making services to different hotels in downtown Toronto,” she explained. Her advantage was that her work permit was open, allowing her to work in two different hotels each day, earning $40 (approximately KSh 5,900) per hour.

Wanjiru believes that her expertise in making chapatis is gaining significant momentum. She mentioned, “Many people in Toronto are fascinated by the fact that I make chapati manually since they are accustomed to using ovens.” Known for its soft and flaky texture, chapati pairs well with a variety of dishes, which has won over the hearts and taste buds of the locals.

This venture has not only allowed her to bring a taste of Kenya to Canada but has also provided her with a substantial source of income.

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