Kenya to set up tourism sports to boost tourism in the country

Recently, Kenyan government through its Cs for tourism Penina Malonza is set to drum sports tourism to facilitate foreign visitor arrivals.

Malonza told journalists in Nairobi that sports tourism is one of the fastest-growing sectors in tourism thanks to the increased number of sporting events being held in the country.

“The government has focused on the growth of traditional sports such as athletics, golf, rugby, swimming, and safari while diversifying to more innovative sports tourism activities such as ice hockey to attract more international visitors,” Malonza said during the opening of an international ice hockey tournament.

However, tourism is one of Kenya’s largest sources of foreign exchange.

Nonetheless, Malonza acknowledged that sports have a huge role in transforming Kenya’s tourism sector. This is because foreign visitors travel to attend popular sporting events and compete in the events themselves.

“We want to organize more major international sports events that will bring the world to Kenya each year,” she observed.

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The Kenyan official revealed that ice hockey is among the tourism activities which are relatively new in Kenya and whose potential has not been fully exploited.

“Aggressive tourism marketing is mandatory to draw more local and international tourists to watch the sport,” Malonza added.

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